Our Partnerships.

We’re great at what we do. And we’ve been recognised for it by our peers and industry leaders.

WP Engine

Studio Malt and WP Engine have a long lasting partnership, resulting in becoming one of their first APAC Strategic Agencies.


Studio Malt is certified Shopify Partner and part of the global network of Shopify developers, sharing knowledge and great e commerce experiences.


Studio Malt is a certified Google Partner, delivering Google Services and integrations across our global network.

The Founders.

Con Mitropoulos
Creative Director

Co-founder, Con has over 20 years experience as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, and oversees all creative direction and brand management.

Aaron Meredith
Managing Director

Co-founder, Aaron leads all Studio Malt online projects and has vast experience in the online / digital space. He’s led the Studio Malt team through growth across an array of clients.

The Team.

Monica Van Den Bergen Senior UI/UX Designer

Having led the design team at Studio Malt for over 10 years, Monica brings a wealth of design creation and brand application experience to all Studio Malt projects.

Joel Robertson 
Senior Web Developer 

With 15 years experience in web- development, Joel brings great skill support to the digital team when it comes to all various sized Studio Malt projects.

Cat Faulkner
Graphic Designer

With over 10 years experience as a graphic designer, Cat brings overall support to the execution and application of all branding and digital projects.

Sheen Jocson
Senior Web Developer 

With his 7 years of experience, Sheen specialises in all things digital. Always exploring new technology, he provides excellent support to Studio Malt.

Brian Turner
Web Developer

The newest member of the Studio Malt team, Brian leads up our agency relationships, having run one himself for 12 years. Brian brings a wealth of WordPress insight and expertise in addition to his approach for support and maintenance requests.

Jayson Solis 
Client Experience

With over 7 years of customer service management experience, Jayson is our technically minded support specialist that brings with him energy and enthusiasm as well as the knowledge and interest in anything and everything digital.

Tahnee Pfeiffer
Studio Manager

With over 9 years of experience deeply embedded in the ever-evolving creative industry, Tahnee brings a distinctive blend of managerial proficiency and a deep appreciation for aesthetic intricacies. In her role as a Studio Manager, she cultivates collaboration, transparency, and a collective dedication to transforming concepts into art and projects into unforgettable experiences.